NEW! Parasympa (Liquid) by Vitality Works. Twice the size - same great product!


Now in a 2 OZ bottle!

Parasympa is an herbal tincture made from oats, kava, and damiana that relaxes and balances the autonomic nervous system. It is typically used to help with stress relief, improve sleep, aid digestion and elimination, and increase energy.

Full spectrum extracts of Oats, Damiana, Kava Kava, Grain Spirits, Pure Mountain Water, Veg. Glycerin.

Shake well before using. Two (2) droppers full 1-2 times a day.


WARNINGS: Safety sealed for your protection. Keep the bottle capped at all times and store in a dry cool place. Shake well before using.

Important - PLEASE READ: It is well known that natural supplements, amino acids, and vitamins are the building blocks of the neurotransmitters or brain chemicals in the brain. Good nutritional support is essential for good mental health and general physical health, but supplements should only be taken under the auspices of your doctor or physician and are not meant to specifically treat any psychological disorder.

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By Dr. Mark Force
Scottsdale, AZ

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NEW! Parasympa (Liquid) by Vitality Works. Twice the size - same great product!