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This is a list of tips and advice that will help with any ADD or ADHD treatment. Following this ADD protocol will help diminish the symptoms of ADD or ADHD when used together with a medication or natural treatment.

  • 1. Avoid all simple carbohydrates. That includes sugar, white bread, pasta, potatoes, and almost all "white" foods.
  • simple-carbohydrates.jpg
  • 2. Avoid "yellow" foods such as bananas and corn.
  • yellow-foods-bad-for-add-adhd.jpg
  • 3. Avoid many fruit juices such as apple juice which is high in sugar.
  • fruit-juice.jpg
  • 4. For over-focused ADD your daily intake of complex carbohydrates should be 60% and 40% of protein. Complex carbohydrates are whole grain foods, brown rice, and some vegetables such as carrots, green beans, broccoli, cucumbers, and spinach. Proteins are milk, cheese, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, nuts, and soy.
  • protein-and-vegetables-good-for-add-and-adhd.jpgwhole-grains.jpg
  • 5. For all other types of ADD 60-70% protein and 30-40% complex carbohydrates.
  • 6. Aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, or walking.
  • aerobic-exercise-for-add.jpg
  • 7. An anaerobic exercise such as weight training.
  • weight-lifting-or-weight-training-for-add.jpg
  • 8. A good self-disciplinary activity such as karate, judo, yoga, meditation, or golf.
  • yoga-and-golf-for-add-and-adhd.jpg
  • 9. Take vitamin supplements such as a good multivitamin, C, B-complex, Potassium, Calcium, Flax Seed or Fish Oil, GABA.
  • multivitamins-and-supplements-good-for-add-and-adhd.jpg
  • 10. For sleep aids, try turkey, warm milk, a hypnosis CD, Melatonin, GABA, or Valerian Root.
  • sleep-aids-add-adhd.jpg
  • 11. Brain training such as biofeedback or computer training for the mind (neurofeedback).
  • 12. If you feel you can do one more thing before an appointment, you can't, you will be late.
  • 13. You can't start something else until you finish what you're working on.
  • 14. Do the difficult things first.
  • 15. Put what you're working on away before getting something else out.
  • 16. Put it away in a file, not on that pile.
  • 17. Set your clocks forward a half hour to be on time but pretend the time is correct.
  • 18. Write everything down so you don't forget or use a recording device that you can play back to remind you.
  • 19. Use your phone alarm or computer calendar to remind you when your medication or supplements are due.
  • 20. Use active listening skills. Paraphrase, Validate, and Bond with the other person's point of view so you listen and don't debate.
  • 21. If you have a project for work or school make the deadline 50% shorter so you get it done.
  • 22. ADD is a mañana (tomorrow) disorder. Don't put it off ~ you won't really do it unless you do it now.
  • 23. Don't be too optimistic. Expect that some crisis will pop up so don't put things off.
  • 24. Keep a schedule and put all important dates and times in it.
  • 25. Routine is your friend. Make habits such as getting up at the same time every day so you don't have to consciously think about it.
  • 26. Make an attitudinal shift ~ People with Attention Deficit Disorder hate schedules and pressure and demand freedom. However, when they put things off they feel anxiety and people criticize them. If you do things right away no one can come down on you and you are truly free from anxiety.
  • 27. Whether you take ADD-care® for increased attention; or a prescribed stimulant it is important to view it as a lifetime commitment. There is no "cure" for ADD, but there is effective help for attention difficulties.
  • 28. Timing is all important. The sweet spot for either ADD-care® or prescribed stimulants is 8-10 on a 0-10 scale of alert, focused, and relaxed without side effects. When you begin to feel at a 7.5 take another dose.

Remember that...

  • 1. ... if you miss a dose by 2 hours it will take a half a day to feel at your optimum.
  • 2. ... if you eat any simple carbohydrates (sugar) it will take a half a day to return to your optimum performance.
  • 3. ... if you skip a dose it will take a full day to return to optimum performance.
  • 4. ... if you stay up late and get little sleep, it will take a day to a day and a half before you return to normal even if taking ADD-care® or your prescribed stimulant.
  • 5. ... if you use alcohol or drugs it will take a day and a half to return to normal.


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